"Just  today I stopped in for a pit stop while riding my bike and grabbed a  Maverick pizza. The thing was made from scratch and it the most  fantastic pizza I have had in a long time. Anyone thinking of something  for supper, stop and grab one of these puppies. AMAZING pizza! God bless  you Brad".  Dagan D. | Google Review

"My son and I had a great lunch here today. We had a pizza and they had a  coloring book and Shirley temple with tons of cherries for him. I think  we'll have leftovers for days :)" Jessica S. | Yelp Review 

" Best taco pizza in town by far". Jeffrey A. | Google Review

"Great atmosphere.  Great customer service. Even better food.  Couldnt ask for a better local place". Josh D. | Google Review

"Super pizza, great community business to have in Mankato!" Katie B. | Google Review

"Staff and owners are always welcoming and fun to talk to. Dang good specials as well". Mike A. | Google Review

"A  great place to get together with friends after a long day, week, month,  or even a year. The bartenders are fun to talk to, regulars are super  nice and really funny too". Katelyn D. | Google Review

"This  place was suggested by the hotel I was staying in and I was not  disappointed.  I ordered a cheeseburger with fries and some cheese curds  the burger was OnPoint and the cheese curds were pretty damn good.  The  bartender was friendly and welcoming so I would go back". T F. | Google Review